Thank you for joining the Translate A Story digital translation sprint!

You have joined the ranks of volunteers offering your time and knowledge of the world’s languages to help the 1.5 billion children who are now unable to go to school due to the spread of COVID-19.

Translating even a single book from English to your language can make a difference for students who speak that language.

The targeted translation  sprint will wrap up on May 29, 2020.

As a registered volunteer, you have access to a Facebook group where you can post your questions, leave pictures of your translation station, and connect with like-minded literacy advocates. We will post updates and progress— let’s watch together as the number of translated books goes up and up! We will encourage you to share your translations back with others in need of books in the same language, but you are also free to keep them only for your own use.

We have partnered with the top sources for open educational early-grade reading materials – that is, digital books that can be freely altered (translated) without infringing on copyright laws. Each of the platforms has its own approach to content curation and translation. You can choose which one you translate on, or you can translate on multiple platforms. It is up to you. The platforms are:

For those interested in translating on the Global Digital Library and StoryWeaver, we will be hosting two live webinars where you can ask your questions and connect with other volunteers for this sprint on Thursday April 16, 2020 at:

  1. 7:00 am UTC (9:00 am CEST / 12:30pm IST) – Global Digital Library
  1. 2:30 pm UTC (7:30am PDT / 10:30am EDT, 4:30 CET) – StoryWeaver and Global Digital Library

. Topics will include:

  • What are the GDL and StoryWeaver?
  • How to translate on the GDL and Story Weaver
  • Live Q&A

Anyone can join this effort – the only real requirement is that you know English and another language. Education ministries, teachers, donor missions, non-governmental organizations, technology companies, parents and others who can reach children with digital reading resources are encouraged to take part. 

The set up can be small or large: A parent can translate one book for one child. Institutions and organisations can set up translation and quality assurance groups in order to streamline efforts. We will offer spreadsheets by language for those who wish to share back their work with others looking for books in that language.

Do you have bilingual friends? Translation work can be more fun when you do it together with someone. Please pass along the information to all who may be interested. A draft tweet for you to use is below.


Translate A Story Organizers

Want to share with a friend? You can find some social media shares here. Here is one to get started to share with a friend:

Amid #COVID19, the need for learning materials that can be accessed at home is more urgent than ever. In response, I’m participating in a translation sprint to make children’s storybooks available in more languages. Bilingual friends, join me:

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